Employee Breach Their Contract? Contact an Attorney

breach contractAre you a business owner whose employee has recently breached his, or her contract with you? It would behoove you to contact a San Francisco employment attorney, who has the expertise to help resolve this issue.

What Does Breach of Contract Involve?

A breach of contract may occur when an employee does something that constitutes a violation of the employment agreement that he, or she has entered into with you.
It can be an illegal act, or a failure to do something that he, or she agreed to do under the terms of your contract.

If this occurs, you should speak to an attorney in order to determine the best course of action. You may have grounds to terminate the employee or take other action. If your employee files a claim against you as a result of your taking such action, you will need a lawyer who can help you to prove that you were justified in doing so.

It may be possible to resolve the employee’s claim against you without the need for litigation through mediation, or discussions between the parties with counsel. Whether this is advisable, will depend on the merits of the case and the positions of the parties involved. You may benefit from the advice of experienced counsel well before the employee’s claims come before a court.

Contact Attorney James Braden for More Information

Attorney James Braden can help you. He knows how to negotiate a settlement that may satisfy both parties and help you to avoid having to go to court. This is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to resolve such disputes.

However, if no settlement can be reached, you can count on attorney James Braden to provide you with conscientious representation.