How We Can Help with your Start-Up Business Plan

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Finding an Attorney Who Can Help with Your Start-up Business Plan

A small business attorney is the best way to protect yourself from future legal problems. A SF business attorney can be like a friend to your company and help you navigate through the most difficult times.

Find out how to choose the best and learn top tips for reducing costs.

Step 1: Decide why you need a small business lawyer

It is best to hire a business attorney before you need one. Here are some situations that which small and startup businesses might want to retain a business lawyer:

Choosing the right business entity: Your ability to grow your business in the future will depend on your choice. A C-Corp is the best option if you are looking to raise venture capital.

Raising capital: It’s a smart idea to hire a business lawyer to help you create term sheets and navigate securities laws.

Drafting founder contracts: Preventing disputes down the road by clearly stating each partner’s rights, responsibilities, and obligations from the beginning.

Contract review: Companies grow when they form contracts with clients or other businesses. An attorney can help negotiate favorable contracts and make sure you fully understand the terms.

Handling employment matters: As businesses grow, they often turn to business lawyers to assist with labor law compliance or to resolve wrongful termination lawsuits.

How to obtain IP protection: Businesses in the research, tech and health sectors can benefit from a trademark or patent. Specialized in IP law, also known as trademark attorneys, business lawyers can help protect your company’s creations.

Step 2: Find business attorneys near you through your network or legal directories

In some ways, hiring a small business lawyer can be like looking for an accountant, a lender or a new employee. It is a smart idea to have several options to choose from. It’s a good idea to meet with several attorneys before deciding on the one that is right for you.

Your professional or personal network is a great way to find potential business lawyers near you. Referring a friend, family member or business owner from the same industry is a great way to find potential business attorneys in SF, especially if they are facing similar legal issues.

While it is important to do your research to verify any small business lawyer that you are interested in, you should also be cautious about relying on online reviews. Some sites do not require reviews from clients who are verified. There is often little context about the client’s legal issues.

Step 3: Ask the right questions to compare small business attorneys

To help you choose the right business attorney for you company, ask these questions during your consultation:

  • How have you worked with small businesses?
  • How have you dealt with this legal problem?
  • Is there anyone who can help me with my business issues?
  • Are there any conflicts of interest with my business?
  • How do you structure your fees?

Step 4: Negotiate a fee arrangement with your business attorney that fits your budget

If you are a small business owner on a tight budget, the cost of fees is likely to be a major concern when searching for a business lawyer. Hourly billing rates for business lawyers range from $150 for junior attorneys in small cities to $1,000 for top-tier attorneys at big-city firms.

Step 5: Save Money by Knowing When to Avoid a Small Business Lawyer

Most cases will not require a lawyer’s assistance. Our San Francisco business attorney can help a small business grow on many issues.