San Francisco Administrative Law Attorney

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What is Administrative Law?

Administrative lawyers handle legal issues that concern governmental agencies. These agencies enforce the laws and carry out functions of the government. They make sure regulations are enforced. Attorney James Braden can help you with problems in which you need an administrative lawyer.

What does an Administrative Lawyer Do?

Some of the functions of San Francisco administrative attorneys include:
• Guiding Leaders of Agency: These lawyers provide advice to high profile governmental agencies.
• Making Laws: These attorneys determine how agencies function by writing the policies and procedures.
• Represents the Agencies: Administrative lawyers are prepared to represent the agencies at a hearing or in court.
• Evaluate Claims: When there is a claim made by a person, a lawyer will examine it.
• Make sure Regulations are Followed: If there are any violations of law, the lawyer brings charges against the violator.
• Acts as a Judge: An administrative lawyer acts as a judge during a hearing.

How Can an Administrative Lawyer Help You?

If you believe a governmental agency broke the law or acted in violation of the Constitution, an administrative lawyer can help. You may have a new business that is experiencing problems because of a new policy. You may be denied social security benefits or worker’s compensation. Your business may not have been accepted for a license. Or a governmental agency may have filed a lawsuit against you. If you need a lawyer, a San Francisco administrative attorney can help make sure that your rights are protected.

What to Expect when Hiring an Administrative Law Attorney?

Each case varies when it comes to administrative law. However, in most cases, the lawyer will attempt to settle outside of court.

An administrative lawyer makes policies that impact lives daily. If you need an administrative lawyer, contact attorney James Braden. He will provide you with the best representation possible.

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