San Francisco Intellectual Property Lawyer

intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) encompasses the intangible creations of the mind – inventions, artistic works, designs, and symbols used in business.  In the dynamic and tech-driven San Francisco environment, IP assets are a major source of competitive advantage and economic success. An experienced San Francisco intellectual property lawyer plays a crucial role in safeguarding these valuable assets.

  • Copyright: Protecting original works of authorship, including software, literary works, music, film, and visual art. This involves securing copyright registration, advising on ownership and licensing agreements, and defending against infringement claims.
  • Patent Litigation: Representing clients in disputes related to patented inventions. This can include pursuing patent infringement claims, defending against allegations of infringement, and navigating the complex patent litigation process.
  • Trade Dress: Protecting the distinctive look and feel of products or businesses. This helps prevent consumer confusion and allows companies to build strong brand identities.
  • Trade Secrets: Safeguarding confidential business information vital to a company’s success. This encompasses developing strategies to protect trade secrets, drafting non-disclosure agreements, and litigating cases of misappropriation.
  • Trademark: Securing and maintaining rights in the names, logos, and slogans that identify businesses and their products. This includes trademark registration, policing against infringing uses, and negotiating licensing agreements.

A skilled San Francisco IP lawyer assists clients throughout the IP lifecycle:

  • IP Strategy: Developing a tailored approach to maximize the value of your IP portfolio, aligning it with your business objectives.
  • Securing IP Rights: Helping you obtain patents, trademarks, and copyrights to establish strong legal ownership.
  • Enforcement: Aggressively defending your IP rights against infringement and misappropriation.
  • Commercialization and Licensing: Leveraging your IP assets to generate revenue streams and strategic partnerships.

If you’re an innovator or business owner – James Braden, a seasoned San Francisco intellectual property lawyer will be your invaluable partner in navigating the complexities of intellectual property law and ensuring your most important ideas are protected.

Mr. Braden represents individual and business clients in copyright, patent litigation, trade dress, trade secrets, and trademark matters.  Intellectual property is an essential part of the modern marketplace, and he assists clients in securing and protecting their rights, and leveraging their intellectual property for the best possible financial gain.

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