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Mr. Braden has in-depth experience in medical negligence and malpractice law, and can help clients determine whether or not malpractice has occurred if someone is hurt during medical or dental treatment.

When you go to a doctor or clinic, the medical professionals are expected to provide qualified help based on their training and licensing. That specialization allows patients to trust physicians and other health practitioners to do their duty.

However, the last thing one wants when they are sick or hurt is to end up being treated by someone who makes things worse with mistakes. Unfortunately, it happens more often than people think. However, James Braden can help as a San Francisco malpractice attorney.

Common Medical Malpractices and Injuries

The most common mistake medical professionals tend to make is prescribing the wrong pharmaceuticals. Small, simple to ingest, and incredibly powerful, prescribing or giving the wrong drug to a patient can trigger bad side effects or even be lethal. However, pharmaceutical errors are not the only mistakes made by professionals.

There are repeated cases in which small equipment has been left inside patients after surgery, erroneous procedures applied due to wrong reading charts, and insufficient care due to bias or bad diagnoses. All of these issues amount to one thing: patients getting hurt needlessly.

Compensation for Victims

The law provides medical malpractice damages in California for patients hurt by medical professionals in the course of their duties, especially if it is clear that the duty performed or missed should have been obvious by a reasonable standard. That said, recovery in medical malpractice cases in California is not automatic; victims have to use the legal system to protect their rights and recover from medical injury.

Getting Legal Help from a San Francisco Medical Malpractice Attorney

James Braden, a San Francisco medical malpractice attorney, has been representing patients in San Francisco in all types of medical situations. From large hospital care failures to clinical services to private doctors and similar who’ve made preventable mistakes with unsuspecting patients.

Physicians and medical staff are trained and licensed to do their job correctly. Don’t settle for life-changing errors that should have been avoided in the first place. Call the Law Office of James Braden for help from a medical malpractice lawyer in California.

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