Breach Of Contract Examples

businessman tearing up a business contractSomeone who doesn’t keep up their side of the bargain on a business deal may be in breach of contract if one of those contracts was established ahead of time. People often don’t realize how important it is to have a contract like this is until they have violated that contract. This is why you always need a business lawyer in San Francisco who can go over each and every piece of any contract that you sign up for in order to determine your true liability in these situations. The more you learn from your San Francisco business litigation attorney about the different types of breach of contract there are, the more you may realize how often this kind of thing takes place.

Four Types Of Breach Of Contract

There are four main types of breach of contract that a San Francisco business attorney sees every day. These include:

  • Minor Breach
  • Material Breach
  • Actual Breach
  • Anticipatory Breach

Each type is important, though there are levels of severity of the breach, and it is important to keep that in mind as well when it all comes down to it. You don’t want anyone to breach their contract with you at any time, but it is particularly troublesome when they do so in a more serious way. The best way to know what is going on is to know a bit about these different type of breaches and to ask questions of your business litigation attorney San Francisco as those questions arise.

Minor Breach

As the name suggests, this is the least serious of the types of breaches of contract that one may suffer from. It is technically true that a minor breach is still a breach of contract, but given the fact that it often doesn’t result in major damages, it is considered the least serious form of a breach. A business attorney in San Francisco may take up a case of a minor breach of contract only when they believe that even this minor breach was enough to cause some material financial damage to one party or the other involved in the situation. This is typically not the case, and that is why most attorneys will decline to press matters in court for someone who is only claiming a minor breach of contract.

Material Breach

Unsurprisingly, a material breach of contract is somewhat more serious because it means that one party or another in the contract has suffered an actual consequence as a result of the failure to meet the terms of the contract. It may mean that someone has suffered financial losses as a result of the other party not living up to their obligation. Thus, a San Francisco business lawyer may be more prone to take up a case for a client when they believe that the client has suffered a material breach of contract that is significant and harmful to their business prospects.

Actual Breach

This type of breach of contract is one that has already occurred. When one side of the deal refuses to meet their obligations or is only meeting some of those obligations, then they are committing an actual breach of contract. This type of conduct likely requires legal remedies as it seems likely that only a party that was particularly upset with the other side of a deal would ever do this kind of thing.

Anticipatory Breach

The breach has not yet occurred, but one side has indicated that they will not be meeting their obligations as set out in the contract that they have with the other party. When this occurs, it is a big deal that needs to be remedied as soon as possible. An anticipatory breach is still a violation of the law, and those who fear that this is what they are going through should contact the firm of James M. Braden to hire an attorney who can fight back on their behalf.

No matter which type of breach of contract you are currently dealing with, make sure you have the tools in your arsenal to fight back against those who willingly violate their obligations.