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One may lose a case in the lower courts because trial judges may misinterpret the law. They may not have a good grasp of the legal principles involved, and thus, rule incorrectly. When this occurs, you should contact attorney James Braden as soon as possible.

Why Hire an Appellate Attorney?

Attorney James Braden helps Californians who need a San Francisco civil lawyer. He will present your claims with strong precedent. He is well-versed in making compelling arguments in his briefs, which are difficult to counter.

He examines the issues from all angles and uses the best arguments available in order to overcome the rationale of the lower court judges in applying the law to the facts of the case. In many cases, this San Francisco civil lawyer can obtain relief and persuade the appellate courts to reverse lower court rulings.

Legal representation by James Braden is critical when you need a talented San Francisco Criminal Appeal Attorney. The penalties for crimes are far too severe in this country to risk by representing yourself. In view of this, it is imperative that one is represented by an experienced attorney.

What Can an Appellate Attorney Do for You?

An appellate attorney can help to preserve claims in the trial court below if you contact them before the time to file expires. Most motions for reconsideration may be due in just 10 days after the ruling. If you contact an attorney well before the case is decided, he, or she will be able to review the lower court record and will be prepared to preserve any issues missed by your trial lawyer. It is prudent to obtain an alternative and independent view of the litigation.

Regardless, your civil or criminal attorney may then file briefs for direct review of any errors preserved below. Such may be comprised of objections to the admission of evidence, improper jury instructions, or that the weight of the evidence is insufficient in a criminal case.

Contact a San Francisco Civil & Criminal Appeals Lawyer at The Law Office of James M. Braden for legal representation today. Let our experience help you.