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Civil Rights and Discrimination

The United States is a country that has welcomed diversity since its inception. All of the people making up this country are settlers who migrated here from some other land and found themselves able to get along as one nation. Nevertheless, today, discrimination still plays a big part in how people treat others. And civil rights are often violated because there is a pecuniary interest involved.

How Can an Attorney Help?

Experienced San Francisco discrimination attorneys can help to pinpoint instances of employer, housing, voting, and public accommodation discrimination. This can be tricky because most people who discriminate against others are not blatant about it. Instead, they tend to use another pretext to cover up their bigotry.

Attorney James Braden can help victims of discrimination to rule out these other motives. This is especially important if the claim is one of employment discrimination.

It is difficult to litigate these claims because numerous explanations may be plausible if one lends credibility to the defendants and their excuses. Highlighting that discrimination was more likely than not, the cause is sometimes a delicate argument that requires precise evidence and reasoning.

Our San Francisco Civil Rights law firm can figure out which excuses do not make sense. For example, applications may be arbitrarily denied for what appears to be racism in a white neighborhood when one submits an application to rent an apartment.

The defendants may falsely allege that there was a paper mix-up or some other routine procedural matter instead. But attorney James Braden can help to prove discrimination by investigating the property and possibly using other applicants of the same race to prove a pattern of profiling and rejection.

Because each case is different, San Francisco discrimination attorneys have to think outside the box to come up with methods for strengthening the evidence. Our San Francisco civil rights law firm is very effective at strategizing and finding ways to prove seemingly elusive motives.

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