Dissolving a Partnership? How an Attorney Can Help

business partnershipAre you ready to dissolve your relationship with a business partner? There may be a lot of hard feelings along with mutual mistrust to contend with. There also may be years’ worth of assets and complicated legal and business relationships to sort through.

How Can a San Francisco Business Lawyer Help Dissolve Your Partnership?
The first and last issue in any business partnership is profits. If you want to make the dissolution process an easy and mutually profitable one, you will need to call on the services of a qualified San Francisco business attorney.

When your partnership proves to be unsustainable, you will naturally think about getting your hands on as much of the infrastructure and assets as you can.

If you were the main driver of the business — or if you are disputing your soon to be former partner’s characterization of you as a minor player — you will need to go to court to protect your position.

A San Francisco business attorney can prepare all of the evidence and documentation that you need to prove that you deserve the lion’s share of the profits and assets that were produced by the business.

Contact Attorney James Braden to Get an Equitable Business Dissolution
If you are concerned about achieving an equitable dissolution of your business and its assets, contact the law office of attorney James Braden today. We are the San Francisco business law firm that can help you disincorporate your company or dissolve your partnership along lines that will satisfy all parties involved.

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