Negotiation Skills for your ADR case

adr caseThere are many types of disputes and disagreements in the business world and in the private sector. When two or more individuals take opposite sides in one of these disagreements, the situation can quickly turn into a verbal argument with screaming voices that talk over others, and a physical altercation could happen when tempers flare. An ADR lawyer in San Francisco has helped many clients settle their dispute out of court by utilizing ADR.

What Is ADR & Why Should This Dispute Resolution Be Considered?

According to a group of knowledgeable San Francisco ADR Attorneys, ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. This process of resolving a legal dispute can work great in some situations. The more prevalent types of ADR include adjudication, arbitration, conciliation and mediation. If successful, this method of resolving a legal issue with another party will not require settling the problem in an actual courtroom.

What Negotiation Skills Are Needed for Effective ADR?

San Francisco alternative disputes resolution attorneys caution that there are certain negotiation skills that are needed for any effective ADR end result. Ideally, the parties involved in a legal dispute should seek legal guidance before moving ahead with this alternative dispute resolution method. Lawyers learn the art of litigating and negotiating to persuade the opposing party to agree with them and settle the dispute.

Determine if Involved Parties in a Dispute Are Favorable to Negotiation

Before embarking on the path of negotiation via ADR, a thorough assessment must be done first to determine if all involved parties have the will and skills required for this alternative dispute resolution process. A local San Francisco Alternative Disputes Resolution Lawyer cautions that all involved parties to a dispute must be willing to negotiate until a favorable agreement is made where all sides gain something tangible.

How to Prepare for an Alternative Dispute Negotiation Resolution

It is crucial to take the necessary time to study and research the issues and prepare for several possible outcomes. If this is a team effort, be sure to address any competing interests between team members and reconcile them before moving ahead with the process. It can help to look up any pertinent legal statutes that may help your case. This is just one of many things that alternative disputes resolution attorneys San Francisco based can assist with.

Some Expert Legal Tips on the Art of Negotiation

There are several legal tips from alternative disputes resolution attorneys in San Francisco that may help individuals learn the art of negotiation. Don’t simply plan to take one side or one position. Focus on any potential common interests instead. Do more listening than talking when the other party is explaining their side of the dispute. Keep emotions calm and cool by separating the problem at hand from the individuals you might blame for the dispute.

Keep the Negotiation Session Respectful & Organized

When any dispute arises, it is a natural human instinct to let those inner strong emotions overflow into anger, disrespect or other emotional response. Have a clear and well-organized plan for how the negotiation session will proceed. Always keep these negotiation sessions respectful to all parties involved and present in the room.


James M. Braden is a prominent ADR lawyer in San Francisco can provide legal counsel and reliable help with setting up an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution plan of action. This legal option may be less costly and could reach a resolution agreement faster than courtroom litigation cases. Contact James M. Braden by phone or at online anytime.